We have numerous satisfied clients who will attest to the quality of our work and our favorable delivery commitments because they already know… Alpine Does It Best!™


What advantages does Alpine offer over its competition?

Alpine Painting & Restoration strives to impart to each customer the maximum value engineered for each project. That is why we specifically focus on long-term asset preservation.

Why would I rely on Alpine to engineer a coating system for a particular problem?

We have over 40 year’s experience in high-performance coating preparation and installation and hold many certifications from numerous manufacturers as an approved applicator and contractor.

What if my project is time-sensitive or requiring our schedule to be maintained without interruption?

We are proud of our record of completing deadlines, meeting and exceeding expectations. We typically work on holidays, vacation shut-downs, and weekends in order to give you a timeline that works with in your schedule. In fact 60% of our annual volume is completed during shut-downs or off hours.