Adventure Aquarium Project

Back in May our firm was contacted by Herschend Entertainment, the management company of the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, for the execution of high-performance industrial coatings that were immersible for the newly fabricated and refreshed penguin exhibit.

This presented unique challenges because we had to install high-performance industrial coatings that gave the illusion of being natural rock face and cluster that mimicked the penguin’s natural environment. After consultation with Tnemec Coatings Company, it was determined that we should use their water based immersion grade high performance 100% solids epoxy coating system ( Product Designations 27WB) in a multiple of ten different colors that had to be overlaid on each other to bring about the natural look of the fabricated rock faces.

The accompanying pictures will illustrate the gunite fabrication of the boulders and shore line rock formations. Preparation methodology was hydro blasting with mild acidic solution, neutralization with sodium hydroxide based detergent, installation of polyamytal-amine epoxy solvent based base coat to provide maximum adhesion to substrate (Tnemec Product Designation N69) and two 6 mil top coats of the 27WB product to provide a solid basilar background color and final top coat installation of various color multiples and optics to provide the final finished look prior to the filing of the penguin pool.

We are happy to say that the project came off without a hitch or any delays which was very challenging due to an extraordinarily wet spring and the aquarium was able to meet the grand opening date of the newly refreshed penguin exhibit. Please feel free to review the following images.

Project Images

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