Commercial Painting Facts

Commercial Painting Facts

If you are in need of high-quality commercial painting in the Pennsylvania or New Jersey area, you can rely on Alpine Painting and Restoration to get the job done right. Perhaps you don’t know if you are in need of commercial or industrial painting. What is commercial painting, exactly — and what is industrial painting? Are commercial painting techniques different from industrial painting techniques?

Commercial Painting Definition

If you have a business with a physical location that needs a new paint job, you are in need of commercial painting. Whether you want to rebrand your store front or you want your company’s offices to have a bright new look, you want to call in a commercial painter.

The appearance of your business is extremely important. If your physical location is customer facing, a stylish, fresh, up-to-date paint job tells potential consumers you take your products or services seriously and you are ready for business. If your business location is primarily for employees, a great commercial paint job can improve morale and help workers stay focused.

Industrial Painting Definition

When we talk about industrial painting, we are usually talking about facilities that are a step removed from the public, such as warehouses or manufacturing plants. The needs of these types of facilities are a little different, but the techniques are similar.

A warehouse or factory with chipping paint can not only be a safety issue, but it can also create a negative impression to potential partners, vendors or even customers who might happen to come by. Even if you’re not worried about such visitors on a daily basis, giving your warehouse or factory a good cleaning and painting can tell your workers you care about them and about the products that move through the facility.

Alpine Painting and Restoration for Commercial Painting in PA and NJ

At Alpine Painting and Restoration, we have the personnel and equipment to thoroughly clean and prepare all surfaces that require painting, and perform a clean, accurate paint job that will have your facility looking great. We have painted retail stores, hotels, restaurants, factories and warehouses, and we have countless testimonials from satisfied businesses backing up our claims regarding the high quality of our work. Exterior or interior commercial paint jobs, big projects or small, we do it all with professionalism and precision. We’re not satisfied until we know you’re satisfied.

If you have a business in Pennsylvania or New Jersey that needs painting, what are you waiting for? We’re ready to make your business look the best it’s ever been. Contact Alpine Painting and Restoration today for more information on complete painting services for your business.

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