Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Restoration

Recently, our office received a phone call from a Project Manager for a high powered, light truck retro fit and parts manufacturing company and installer. He indicated to me that they just made settlement on a new building asset and space in the New Britain/Bucks county area to facilitate the company’s expansion focus; the former Skee-Ball manufacturing facility.

The facility had not seen any real attention either aesthetically, or from an asset preservation standpoint, in many, many years. To be quite honest, the facility was looking pretty haggard and tired. The Vice President of Operations of Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment asked me to visit the site and offer any pertinent suggestions, as well as provide a quote to transform the exterior of the building from the tired old girl that she was into a 21st century service facility that would accurately reflect the company colors, as well as the standard company visual that they are known for.

The accompanying images will illustrate the before, during and after images of the project. A capsule overview of the projects methodology is as follows:

  • Waterblast cleaning the entire exterior with high strength caustic detergent to remove all oxidation and ancillary surface contaminants
  • Inspect all corrugated panel, and fasteners.  Replace and re-fasten all compromised fasteners
  • Spray apply one heavy bodied coat of rust inhibitive corrosion control epoxy primer
  • Spray apply ultra-high performance acrylic finish to all prime coated metal to accurately mimic a factory finish
  • All split faced block received water blast cleaning, patch pointing where necessary and re-caulking where necessary (failed expansion joints)
  • All block walls received one coat of 100% acrylic cinder block filler primer coating
  • All prime coated cinder block received two coats of Pearl Gray high performance acrylic masonry coating and finish

As illustrated above, you can see that the transformation of the asset was nothing less than dramatic.  The deep blue color, as well as the Pearl Gray, is Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment’s corporate colors which are universally applied through their many branches. The combination of our water blast cleaning services and specialized coatings helped restore this building to its former glory.

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