How Winter Weather Affects Your Industrial Facility

Asset Preservation Services in Philadelphia

Your industrial facility has to contend with chemicals, weather extremes, and a lot of moving parts. Winter weather can be particularly troublesome for your facility, not just in short-term maintenance headaches but also in long-term reliability issues. Read on to find out how winter weather can affect your industrial facility and how our team at Alpine Painting & Restoration can provide asset preservation services to prevent damage.

How Winter Weather Affects Industrial Facilities

Winter weather can cause serious issues for industrial facilities, especially those in extreme climates. Freezing temperatures and snow can lead to frozen pipes, power outages, shortened workdays, and other problems. Here are a few ways that winter weather can affect your facility:

  • Freezing temperatures: Cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze or burst, leading to costly repairs. In extreme cases, frozen pipes can also lead to flooding.
  • Equipment damage: Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can hinder operations at industrial facilities. Equipment may be damaged or unable to operate efficiently in extreme cold weather.
  • Slip and fall risks: Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can create dangerous conditions on walkways and platforms. Employees may slip and injure themselves, leading to expensive workers’ compensation claims.
  • Corrosion: The combination of snow, salt, and freezing temperatures can cause corrosion damage to your facility’s equipment. Excess moisture can lead to rust, which weakens metal components and makes them more likely to collapse.

Asset Preservation Services from Alpine Painting & Restoration

At Alpine Painting & Restoration, we have been offering professional asset preservation services for over 30 years. Our specialty coatings can protect your industrial facility from the corrosive effects of winter weather. We offer a wide range of asset preservation services, including:


Snow and ice can wreak havoc on your facility’s roof and walls. Without a specialty coating, your facility may be vulnerable to water seepage and ice damming. Our waterproofing services can prevent damage from snow and moisture. We can also provide waterproof coatings for tanks that contain hazardous chemicals and other liquids.

Corrosion Control

Corrosion is one of the biggest risks for industrial facilities in cold climates. As snow and ice begins to melt, the resulting water can lead to corrosion of metal surfaces. Our corrosion control services can prevent costly repairs or replacements of equipment. We can apply specialty coatings that are designed to resist the effects of corrosion and protect your surfaces from the elements.

Epoxy Flooring

If snow leaks in to your facility, it can wind up creating slippery surfaces. Slip and fall risks can be minimized with our epoxy flooring services. Our experienced technicians can apply a non-slip coating to work areas, preventing costly accidents and injuries.

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Alpine Painting & Restoration is your one-stop shop for asset preservation services in the Philadelphia area. Our experienced technicians can help you protect your industrial facility from the effects of winter weather. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get your service estimate today.

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