Is Your Commercial Facility Ready for Spring and Summer Weather?

Commercial Asset Preservation for Spring and Summer Weather

Winter may be over, but your commercial facility or production plant may still have a storm or two to weather. Pennsylvania tends to experience a fair amount of rainfall during the spring months, and the upcoming summer heat and humidity can wreak havoc on the exterior of your professional property – making commercial asset preservation for spring and summer essential.

Spring and Summer Weather Conditions


July and August can be especially humid in Pennsylvania. When the air contains excessive moisture, it can cause the wooden walls of your facility to swell and create cracks in the paint. When the temperatures cool down again, the wood will retract, making the cracks even more obvious and making a negative impression on potential clients. 


Many areas of Pennsylvania are prone to flooding, and never more so than during the early spring and summer. If your commercial facility becomes flooded, water can infiltrate your foundation and lead to structural damage or corrosion. Not only can this become expensive, it’s also dangerous: your workers could be subject to a hazardous working environment prone to collapse or mold. Flooding can also affect electrical wiring and other mechanical processes, throwing a figurative wrench in your business proceedings. 


The sunny days of summer are a welcome change from Pennsylvania’s cold winter nights, but this heat can make its mark on your commercial facility’s paint job. Paint can blister, bubble, or peel when exposed to direct sunlight, making your property look unprofessional. It can even endanger the health of your employees, as peeling paint is more likely to become a home for mold and mildew. The sun’s UV rays can also lead to chalking, or a thin film on the surface of your paint, and unsightly peeling. 

Asset Preservation for Commercial Facilities

Prepare your commercial facility for the hot summer months with our expert asset preservation services at Alpine Painting and Restoration. A shiny new coat of paint will protect your industrial or commercial paint job from sun and water damage, while a special moisture-proof coating can shield your property from the safety hazards of bacteria like mildew and mold. We also provide corrosion control treatments to protect your facility from the heavy rains and flooding of Pennsylvania’s spring weather. 

Our business has spent decades ensuring that the local commercial facilities of Pennsylvania are guarded against inclement weather conditions, and each of our experienced contractors is fully certified and continuously trained in order to offer you exceptional customer service. If you’re not sure about the potential dangers to your commercial facility, our asset preservation team can evaluate your property and advise you on the best course of action for your individual needs. 

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Set your commercial facility up for success this spring and summer with a fresh coat of paint or waterproofing treatment from Alpine Painting & Restoration. For more information about our asset preservation services or to request an estimate, give us a call or contact us on our website. 

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