How Painting Your Business Can Improve Revenue

Although there are many ways to boost the revenue of your business, few are easier or more beneficial than applying a fresh coat of paint. When a professional commercial painter performs a quality paint job, it will, among other things, attract more customers, increase the productivity of your employees and prevent deterioration of your facility.

Read our handy guide to learn how this investment can increase your business’ revenue, which businesses benefit most from a paint job and how to tell when it’s time for that facelift.

Benefits of Repainting Your Business

The benefits of commercial painting include the following.

Exterior Commercial Painting Benefits

  • It improves your customers’ perception of your company: It’s not hard to understand customers prefer visually appealing and clean-looking businesses.
  • It’s cost-effective: Painting your business is also a form of preventive maintenance. Generally speaking, regularly painting your surfaces will keep your facility from deteriorating to the point where it needs an extensive overhaul. Regardless of the quality of paint that’s on your surfaces, it will eventually deteriorate, which will become evident through fine cracking, color fading and gloss degradation. If you don’t deal with these problems immediately, they will negatively affect your business’ image and leave your building susceptible to damage.
  • It adds value: Considering the numerous other benefits a new paint job provides, it’s not hard to understand painting your facility’s exterior will boost the value of your company.
  • It helps your company stand out: A new exterior paint job can help you promote your business. If your company has recently rebranded itself, your building should reflect that.

Interior Commercial Painting Benefits

  • It improves employee morale: Clean work environments are an excellent way to boost employee happiness and productivity. Employees are more eager to work hard in a well-maintained space because it shows the owner cares about the business.
  • It helps create a unique brand identity for your company: When painting your facility, you can pick out colors that suit your brand and create a distinct look for your business. Before choosing a color scheme, consider learning about the psychological effects associated with different colors. For instance, bright, vibrant colors convey energy and vitality, whereas more neutral tones create an impression of calmness and reliability.
  • It may help comply with regulations: For many companies, industrial painting may help you meet regulations and ensure your workers’ safety and health. For example, many work environments rely on line striping to keep the flow of traffic efficient and safe, so maintaining them will help increase productivity and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • It can help keep your facility cleaner: Certain paint coatings also reduce the growth of mold and bacteria, which is essential in medical facilities and academic spaces.

Types of Businesses That Benefit the Most From Painting

Although we believe a new coat of paint is a valuable investment for any commercial building, the following businesses enjoy a particularly high return on their investment when they decide to repaint.

  • Schools: As school can be immensely challenging for children, it’s essential to create a clean, uplifting environment that is conducive to learning. School buildings have many surfaces that require paint, including hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, gyms, locker rooms and offices. Repainting this facility can have a significant impact on students, faculty and parents.
  • Churches: A clean appearance is crucial for places of worship, as well. Most people come to church to feel inspired and uplifted, so it’s vital that this space looks clean and well-maintained.
  • Commercial spaces: If you own a business where customers spend time, repainting it is a worthwhile investment because it shows your business is well-run.

Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Business

Knowing when your business needs a new coat is essential for keeping up the visual appeal and value of your business. When your paint job nears the end of its life, it’s time for a new one. However, the issue is that many people are unable to recognize the signs. Here are the five most common ones.

  1. The colors are fading: While many consider fading paint to be merely a cosmetic issue, it usually signifies much more. Various problems with the paint can cause fading, including an inferior grade, an inadequate amount or over-tinting, but in all cases, it means your paint system is deteriorating prematurely. If the paint film appears dusty, this also signifies deterioration and an inability to provide your building with the protection it needs. If you notice either of these signs, have your building repainted right away.
  2. Mildew and mold are growing: If you’ve recently noticed fuzzy gray, greenish or black stains under your eaves or in your corners, it’s likely mold or mildew. This growth tends to be the result of insufficient air circulation and excessive moisture. Although mold is a common occurrence, that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Mold and mildew can irreversibly damage a building’s structural integrity and endanger the health of its occupants. If mold is present in your building, we recommend hiring professional painters who have experience dealing with mold and moisture issues.
  3. The paint is cracking: If you’ve noticed any spidery cracks on your walls, this could also be a sign of paint failure. Even if the paint film only has a couple of cracks, it can lead to patterned cracking, which looks like alligator scales. Although these cracks don’t usually don’t end up exposing the substrate, they can become widespread and cause other issues such as peeling. Once your paint begins to peel, your building loses its protection against moisture, fungi, rainwater, termites and various other natural elements. Once these things make it through the small gaps and cracks, they can cause severe structural damage, including metal corrosion and rotting wood.
  4. The paint is blistering: Bubbles forming in the paint film is a result of adhesion loss in certain places. Sometimes this happens if the painters are performing the job on a hot surface or in direct sunlight, and other times, it can result if the paint got exposed to rain or high humidity levels shortly after being applied. Occasionally, it occurs when moisture stuck in the wall begins to escape.
  5. Pressure washing doesn’t work: Pressure washing your business’ exterior a couple of times every year is a relatively easy, affordable way to keep your building looking its best. But if you notice your pressure washing job isn’t removing certain stains or isn’t doing enough to improve your building’s look, this may be a great time to give your commercial building a repainting.

When Is a Good Time to Paint Your Business?

The Warmer months are the best time of year to paint your business’s exterior.

Exterior commercial painting typically must take place when temperatures are at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows the paint to dry and stick to the surface properly. If it’s winter and you’re eager to apply a fresh coat, we recommend you wait until spring for your exterior facelift. It’s not worth the risk of getting an unsatisfactory paint job. If you have a priority project that must be done in the winter, contact Alpine Painting to see when the project can be completed.

The colder months of the year are an excellent opportunity to focus on painting your business’ interior. There are several reasons for this.

  • Lower cost: Generally speaking, the cost for interior commercial painting is lower during the fall and winter. Not only do companies tend to be busier during the summer, which drives the price of labor up, but the cost of paint is also higher during the warmer months.
  • More availability: The spring, summer and fall are busy times for contractors. During the cold season, contractors typically have more availability which means more flexibility in scheduling.
  • Quicker drying times: Although summers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey tend to be humid, the winters are not. That means your interior paint job will dry faster in the winter. What’s more, because the furnace will be on during this time of year, the hot air will speed up the time it takes to dry.
  • Faster completion: Painters can work for longer hours inside during the winter so they’ll be able to finish the paint job much faster.

The Importance of Trusting the Experts for Commercial Painting

Commercial buildings are often in high-rises or other constructions that pose unique painting challenges, and non-commercial painters will not necessarily know how to paint them. If you hire commercial painting professionals, however, they will come prepared with the tools, skills and experience to paint your high-rise structure quickly and easily. They will also use solutions to offer protection against weather-related disasters.

Commercial painting also requires knowledge and training. Commercial spaces, unlike residences, have metal sheets, decorative materials and many office properties that require protection from paints and stains. Professional commercial painters perform their work with the highest levels of caution and alertness to keep from doing any damage to the property.

Commercial painting professionals offer the following over other painters in the industry.

  • Knowledge: In recent years, there has been a vast transformation in the versatility and diversity of painting techniques, styles, patterns and textures. Only professional commercial painters will be able to select the most suitable paint, pattern and technique for your commercial property.
  • Tools: Commercial painters, especially ones who have been in business for a while, possess a wealth of tools and equipment. They can also easily access new equipment because of the close relationships they’ve formed with manufacturing companies and painting suppliers. That means you won’t have to pay extra for these things, which is typically the case with individual and part-time painters. 
  • Speed: As painting projects can disrupt the normal functioning of a business, commercial painters understand the need for fast work.
  • Flexibility: Painting a commercial facility isn’t a regular 9-to-5 job. Professional painters know they must be flexible and plan their work schedule according to the business’ needs. For this reason, working after hours and weekends is standard for professional commercial contractors, and they can comply with your schedule.
  • Trustworthiness: Business managers and owners don’t typically have the time or desire to sit around and monitor their painters. In most cases, the painters will have to work after business hours when no employees or customers are around, which means the painters will most likely be able to access your building and assets without much direct oversight. By hiring established professional commercial painters with outstanding reviews and a good reputation in the community, you can rest assured your property won’t get burglarized or damaged. If you hire an unestablished painting contractor, especially one without a billing address or business license, you never know what the company’s policy is regarding employee behavior.
  • Quality: Perhaps the most significant advantage of hiring professional painters is that they do professional, high-quality work.

Let Alpine Painting and Restoration Help Your Business

If you’ve been tirelessly searching for a reliable company to handle your commercial painting in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, your hunt can now come to an end. Alpine Painting and Restoration provides professional, high-quality commercial painting applications you won’t be able to find with any other painting contractor in the tri-state area.

For nearly 30 years, we have been providing businesses with professional paint applications and have developed an extensive client following in the process. Our customers know we always provide high-quality, accurate and long-lasting work at a fair price, which — along with our superior customer service — has made us the go-to commercial painting company for businesses in the region.

If you’re wondering whether we can paint your particular commercial building, the answer is yes! We have had experience with painting practically every type of business, including hospitality and hotel markets as well as warehousing facilities and retail centers.

And we don’t just offer painting applications — we also provide a wide variety of services including waterproofing coatings, graffiti control, water blasting, cleaning projects, masonry restoration and epoxy and urethane floor resurfacing. Regardless of your business needs, Alpine Painting and Restoration will do a thorough and accurate job.

We also understand businesses can be busy and inflexible with scheduling, so we always try our best to conform to your schedule, no matter how hectic it is. We provide painting crews during weekends and off-hours so the project won’t disrupt the day-to-day operations of your business.

We take tremendous pride in the projects we complete in the tri-state area and love to share photos of our finished products. To see some examples of our work, take a look at our gallery. If you’d like to receive more information on our services or receive an estimate, give us a call at 215-348-4410 or fill out our form. Within 48 hours, we will respond with an estimate for your project.

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