The Top Differences Between Industrial and Commercial Painting

Industrial Painting in Philadelphia

At Alpine Painting & Restoration, we provide industrial painting and commercial painting services throughout the Philadelphia area. While these services have similar sounding names, they are very different procedures that have unique requirements. In this article, we will explain the primary differences between industrial and commercial painting so you can make an informed decision about which service best fits your needs.

What is industrial painting?

Industrial painting includes high-volume use of specialized coatings that are applied to equipment, buildings, and other structures in factories, warehouses, and other industrial areas. These coatings may consist of epoxy, urethane, fire retardant coatings, and other specialized coatings that can stand up to extreme conditions such as high temperatures and pressure. Industrial paint jobs are typically completed for the purpose of protection in order to prevent corrosion or abrasion.

What is commercial painting?

Commercial painting is a type of service that is typically used for aesthetic purposes. It typically involves painting the exterior or interior of buildings such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants. Commercial painting usually involves lighter colors and more decorative finishes than industrial painting. Additionally, commercial painters often use special techniques such as faux finishing to add visual interest to a space.

What are the main differences?

Materials: Industrial painting projects often require specialized coatings, epoxy paints, and other materials that are not typically used in the commercial painting industry. This ensures that the surfaces can effectively resist extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and wear-and-tear. In contrast, commercial projects may employ a variety of decorative finishes like glazes, stains and textures to create aesthetically pleasing results.

Safety Requirements: Industrial painting projects must adhere to specific safety protocols due to hazardous work environments. This includes wearing protective equipment, using approved materials, and adhering to certain procedures. While it still requires certain safety regulations, commercial painting typically does not require such stringent safety measures because the work is performed in a more controlled environment with a lower risk of injury or damage.

Application Process: In industrial painting, the application process is often more involved and requires specialized knowledge. This includes applying coatings, blasting surfaces with abrasives, preparing the substrate before painting and understanding proper rules of surface temperature, ventilation and humidity. If your specialty coatings are not applied correctly, the intended effects may not be achieved and the surface could be damaged. In comparison, commercial painting is more straightforward and often involves less complicated application processes.

Size of Projects: Industrial projects are typically on a much larger scale than commercial jobs and require greater coordination between companies to ensure timely completion. This includes large industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and oil rigs. Commercial painting projects can vary greatly in size but are typically smaller than industrial-level jobs. They may include anything from apartment complexes to retail stores to office buildings.

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Overall, the differences between industrial and commercial painting can be quite vast. It is important for any contractor to understand the nuances of both in order to provide the highest-quality services and ensure safety. If you are in need of industrial painting, give Alpine Painting & Restoration a call today for quality service. We have extensive experience with large-scale industrial projects, so you can trust us to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more!

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