Top Questions to Ask Your Industrial Painting Contractor

Industrial Painting in Pennsylvania

A first impression is everything in business. Expert industrial painting performed by a reliable painting company is critical to snatching and keeping prospective clients’ attention when they pass by a place of business. Investing in quality work done by reliable contractors contributes to the curb appeal of your facility. When looking for industrial painting in Pennsylvania, it’s essential to know which questions to ask. 

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Begin the conversation by asking about your contractor’s experience to learn more about them. You will obtain great results from an industrial painting company that has assembled quality crews of experienced workers who enjoy what they do. Ask how many jobs they’ve completed, if they’ve done any high-profile jobs, and how many years they’ve been in the industry.

Are You Licensed?

Is the company properly licensed to paint industrially? Is each of the painting company’s contractors possessing a valid, up-to-date license? If the answer is no, do not proceed with them. With an unlicensed worker, you are not assured of quality results. Every licensed industrial painting company stands to lose a lot if the job is not completed according to the terms specified in the contract.

Do You Have Insurance?

Is the industrial painting contractor bonded and insured in the event of any accidents or problems while working at your industrial enterprise? While you may have business insurance, they should be held liable for any mishaps or problems that take place during their work.

Go above and beyond by requesting their insurance details and contacting their insurance provider to ensure that the insurance is accurate and valid. You should check that they have worker’s compensation and comprehensive business liability insurance.

What Brands Do You Use?

A reliable industrial painting contractor will always use high-quality painting products. Lower-quality paints would not last long and will produce poor results. Request that they specify the supplies they will use to paint your business enterprise.

Examine the paint brands they typically use for specific interior and exterior surfaces. Make sure they document the materials used and the number of coats that will be applied.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

A painting contractor’s warranty should cover labor and materials. Some painting companies avoid warranties by failing to provide you with a written piece of the warranty terms. Ensure you request your warranty in writing and ask clarifying questions.

Can You Provide References?

Contractors that provide industrial painting in Pennsylvania with a good reputation have nothing to conceal. They are pleased with their work and want others to notice and praise it. Some painters will include a list of previous clients with their proposals. They will also include images of previous projects on their web page or pamphlets.

If you speak with previous customers, they may be willing to share any negative or positive feedback. If there have been issues, it will enable you to identify them and possibly avoid them.

What Is the Expected Completion Date?

The length of time to complete your paint job is determined by how much of your industrial enterprise is being painted. A reliable industrial painting company will be honest about their time estimates. It’s also useful to know if they can deploy additional personnel for larger works If deadlines are critical.

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Finding a reputable industrial painting contractor can be difficult at times. Starting with the above list of questions will help you narrow down your search and identify the best candidate for your paint job. Need quality professional industrial painting in Pennsylvania? Contact Alpine Painting and Restoration for your next project. Our experienced team can manage any industrial painting project.

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