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Part of proper site maintenance and management is ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your building, keeping everything attractive and in pristine condition to ensure productivity and efficient daily operations. With commercial and industrial paint applications, you can create a safer environment for employees, prevent premature wear and tear of equipment and surfaces, and extend the service life of your machinery and structures.

For the best and most comprehensive commercial painters throughout the Wilmington, Delaware, area, trust the professionals at Alpine Painting and Restoration with all your commercial painting, coating and flooring needs. Our team has over 25 years of experience working throughout the tri-state area for a variety of industries, including warehousing and distribution locations, retail centers, schools and universities, office complexes, utility facilities and processing plants. With our extensive local and industry experience, we will work closely with you to find and recommend commercial painting applications that streamline your operations, offer lasting, dependable protection and fit your budget.

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Industrial Paint and Coating Applications

Your building, tools and equipment are at the center of your daily operations and productivity. To keep your investment in healthy condition, prevent damage and prolong serviceable lifespans, you need to have industrial paints and coatings regularly and properly applied to surfaces. Our highly skilled and trained team specializes in several coatings to enhance your workspace, including intumescent fireproofing, fluid and liquid applied insulation, CIM high performance, extreme immersion and more.

For each project, we properly prepare and treat the surface with environmentally friendly water or media blasting, using between 3,000 and 25,000 psi for complete removal of old paints and coatings, mold and mildew, grease, heavy oils and rust, or corrosion buildup. After the areas have been thoroughly prepped, we use the best tools and techniques to apply your paint or coating, careful to ensure the quality of your tools or machinery, even those with moving parts.

Each job that our team works on is treated with the greatest of care and attentiveness to ensure the quality of your site and the safety of our team, as well as your employees. Care and safety are among the highest priorities for our team — since 2008, we’ve been a member of ISNETWORLD, an organization upholding the highest safety standards, professionalism and conduct.

Commercial Painting Contractors Serving Delaware

With a fresh coat of paint for your building, you show employees and visitors that you take pride in the quality and appearance of your property and strive to create a professional and safe atmosphere. Alpine Painting and Restoration provides comprehensive commercial painting services, including electrostatic painting, for properties throughout Wilmington, including hotels and hospitality venues, places of worship, office locations and retail centers. We can perform any painting project large or small, and we work quietly, quickly and discreetly throughout your space to minimize disruptions. Our industrial painters can even work after-hours or during weekends to avoid operational delays.

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When you trust Alpine Painting and Restoration with all your commercial and industrial painting and coating needs, you can expect the highest performance standards, individualized solutions for your property and professionalism. We work closely with all our customers throughout the Wilmington area to ensure lasting, quality commercial and industrial products that will protect your investment and give you lasting performance. As an added value, many of our services are backed by long-term warranties.

To learn more about our commercial painting offerings, call us today at 215-348-4410 or complete our online contact form to request services.

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