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Customers pay close attention to the condition of your building, warehouse and facility. As a business owner, you want to take control of your property by ensuring your walls feature a clean coat of paint that represents the quality of your location and company.

How might companies in New Jersey enhance the appearance of a workspace? The solution is simple when you work with Alpine Painting and Restoration. We serve the state of NJ, improving our clients’ day-to-day lives as their trusted industrial and commercial painting contractor.

Painting and Restoration Services in New Jersey

If you are on the lookout for a commercial/industrial painting contractor in New Jersey, look no further than Alpine Painting and Restoration. Whether you require interior or exterior work, our crews provide environmentally-friendly and attractive solutions.

Our complete list of painting and restoration services for New Jersey organizations include:

Learn more about some of our most common services for New Jersey businesses:

New Jersey Commercial Painting Services

Our crews work in a variety of industries to enhance the look of schools, hospitals, warehouses, retail shops and more. We help to prepare surfaces for painting and carry out our work with unmatched attention to detail. Aside from painting, consider Alpine Painting and Restoration commercial services for graffiti control, cleaning projects and waterproof coatings.

New Jersey Industrial Painting Services

Industrial painting procedures are straightforward when hiring Alpine Painting and Restoration professionals. We clean indoor and outdoor surfaces with environmentally safe chemicals to remove dirt, manufacturing grime, rust and other contaminants that interfere with painting.

Through our New Jersey industrial painting services, we provide the following benefits to industrial facilities:

  • Corrosion Control
  • Water-Blast Cleaning
  • Quick Project Turnarounds
  • Floor Resurfacing

New Jersey Epoxy Flooring Installation Services

Alpine Painting and Restoration can provide epoxy flooring installations for the safety of your workers and customers. We work with your business to design the ideal flooring system for your needs, which might include leveling, remediation, color selections, containment lining and other choices to match your facility and procedures.

Be sure to view our epoxy flooring gallery for inspiration.

New Jersey Masonry Restoration Services

If you plan on staying in your building for years to come, our masonry restoration services strengthen structures for years to come. Our professionals will clean, waterproof, caulk and seal parts of your facility that require attention. This process protects the structural integrity of your business’s location.

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Common Industries We Serve in New Jersey

Alpine Painting and Restoration caters to all industries in NJ. Our services are especially helpful for food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical companies and schools.

Food and beverage plants call for regular maintenance to remain safe. Our crews have more than 25 years of experience working in manufacturing plants, so we know which of our materials are appropriate for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Additionally, Alpine Painting and Restoration keeps pharmaceutical facilities clean with industry-leading equipment and expert knowledge. Our teams sanitize equipment, vacuum floors and carpeting and properly disinfect surfaces.

In the education sector, Alpine Painting and Restoration refreshes interior walls, ceilings and floors across districts. This level of service keeps NJ students, faculty and staff motivated to return to school each day.

The Alpine Experience

Experts at Alpine Painting and Restoration have been in business since 1990. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services that improve our clients’ daily activities. Whether your workplace needs painting, epoxy flooring, specialty coatings or masonry restoration, we offer solutions with your expectations in mind.

Our team demonstrates our dedication to safety on the job each day, and we work to your schedule to keep projects on time. If necessary, we can send crews off-hours or during weekends at your convenience.

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Alpine Painting and Restoration wants to be a part of your next project. If you require painting, epoxy flooring installation, specialty cleaning or masonry work, we can help.

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