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With so much to think about, fireproofing is usually not at the top of a business owner’s to-do list – but it probably should be. Making sure your property is safe for workers and visitors, disaster-proof, and built for longevity will fortify your business better than anything else. To do this, you don’t need any technical knowledge or a deep understanding of building preservation. At Alpine Painting & Restoration, we have the training, knowledge, equipment, and workforce to handle all of the details for you. For more than 30 years, we’ve served the tristate area with a variety of building preservation and restoration services. As a fireproofing contractor we serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware offering specialty coatings to get your building up to code.

Fireproofing will allow you to:

  • Resist fire damage and make surfaces far less flammable. When fireproof coatings are applied to any surface, that surface is immediately fortified. Even flammable materials like wood will become more resistant to burning.
  • Adhere to the building codes and regulations for your industry. Knowing you can pass a building inspection at any given time provides you with peace of mind.
  • Give your workers plenty of time to leave the building if a fire breaks out. There is no price you can put on the safety of your workforce, your customers, or any other inhabitants of your building.
  • Prevent structural collapse in the event of a serious fire. In the worst-case scenario, fireproofing will prevent serious damage in the event that flames do get out of control in your building. Rather than irreversible damage and total shut-down, you would simply face repairs.

Employing Active and Passive Fireproofing

Most importantly, specialty coatings provide an added layer of protection that can make all the difference in an emergency. For example, there are two types of fireproofing: active and passive. Both are useful, and it is wise to use both types in tandem for maximum protection. Things like fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers are typically considered active fireproofing tools because they are directly put to use when a fire breaks out. There are three general types of protection that fall within the category of active protection. These are: detection (eg. fire alarms), suppression (eg. fire extinguishers), and ventilation (eg. fire-resistant fans).

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Active fireproofing tools can be highly effective if luck is on your side, but what if something prevents them from being effective? For example, what if a new worker can’t find the extinguisher, the sprinklers can’t reach where the fire broke out, or the alarms don’t detect the smoke in time? Special fireproof coatings are designed to protect your business no matter what happens. They are considered passive protection because they are always present and require no activation. They allow you to compartmentalize your building so if any section catches on fire, it doesn’t spread to other areas.

If you need fireproofing contractors in Pennsylvania who will help you determine what type of coating you need and where, Alpine Painting & Restoration is just a phone call away.

Intumescent Fireproofing

Intumescent fireproofing is an effective and affordable way to raise your building’s resistance to fire. The type of material used is thinner than many other types of fireproofing, which helps to maintain the aesthetics of the surfaces in your building. For this reason, you never have to worry about fireproofing ruining the visual appearance of your facility. Applied much like paint, intumescent fireproofing is also ideal in that it takes up no space. Coatings are applied to surfaces and there is no need for conventional cellulose fireproofing, which is thicker and often erodes away over time.

What makes intumescent coatings magically effective is that they are made up of a unique combination of chemicals that work together. These chemicals, combined with a binder, react when exposed to heat and create a new substance with new properties. The end result is a thickened, hardened char that strongly resists catching on fire. This means that even if a serious fire breaks out, any structural surface that is coated with this material will be preserved by a thick layer of protection. Compared to typical fire damage, this type of coating would easily save organizations thousands of dollars in repairs and lost revenue. In addition, it would save you months of time that would have been spent rehabilitating your facility after a fire.

A Pennsylvania Fireproofing Contractor that Adapts to Your Schedule

If you’ve dealt with other restoration companies in the tri-state area, you may have had trouble scheduling the work around your business operations. Rest assured, you will never have that problem with Alpine Painting and Restoration. We have crews available for off-hours and weekends so we can get the work done outside of your regular business operations with minimal disruption to your weekly schedule.

We Set Our Safety Standards High

Whether you need painting, flooring, specialty coatings, or industrial cleaning, our team is fast and effective without having to cut corners. The safety of both our workers and our clients’ workers is our top priority at the start of any restoration project. Along with always having OSHA-compliant job sites, Alpine Painting and Restoration is proud to be a member of ISNETWORLD since 2008. A member of ISNETWORLD must conform to the highest standards of safety, conduct, and performance. For more information on the regulations we follow, visit our online safety guide.

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