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Tank Painting Contractors in Pennsylvania

Tank Painting

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Tank Painting Contractors in Pennsylvania

When you need an industrial tank painted, an experienced contractor is crucial. Water tanks and storage tanks are expensive equipment that need the correct treatment to maintain their functionality for years to come, and painting is an often-overlooked part of the process. If you are searching for a tank painting contractor in Pennsylvania, you’re in luck. At Alpine Painting and Restoration, we offer high-performance chemical coatings through large and small spraying, corrosion control, technical coating applications, and more.

At Alpine, your comfort and convenience is our top priority. Our crew will accommodate your schedule and even work weekends and off-hours so we don’t interrupt your productivity. If you have questions about tank painting or any of our other services such as epoxy flooring or industrial painting, we’re happy to help.

Industries We Serve

No matter what your company does, you can benefit from painting and restoration services – especially if you have a water, storage, or other industrial tank. This is something you want to make sure stays intact for as many years as possible. At Alpine Painting and Restoration, our professionals have the experience of providing quality services throughout countless industries, including:

  • chemical plants
  • fresh and waste water plants
  • power generation
  • warehousing

Any type of tank can be painted, including water tanks, oil tanks, propane tanks, sewage tanks, chemical tanks, and wastewater tanks. So if any of these play a major role in keeping your operations running smoothly, they are worth investing in.

Why consider tank painting?

A coat of paint is like a protective shell, especially when it’s a coating specially designed to protect certain materials like steel, metal, or plastic. Many property owners who utilize tanks make the mistake of thinking that painting is only for aesthetic purposes. Tank painting has many uses aside from just making tanks look nicer. These include:

  • prevent corrosion, contamination, and bacteria build-up
  • eliminate dust, dirt, grease, chemicals, or other debris
  • improve the aesthetics and cleanliness of your facilities
  • get expert advice on the correct specialty coating for your materials
  • brand your equipment so people recognize who you are

All metals are susceptible to corrosion. Industrial environments often succumb to rust and deterioration, especially when equipment isn’t serviced or cleaned frequently. It’s much easier to take a preventative approach than to be forced to correct problems after they arise. Tank corrosion is one of these issues. If your facilities are still relatively new and clean, prevention is highly effective. If not, you can still slow down the corrosion process with specific types of coatings.

Paint serves as a barrier that inhibits the electrochemical charges that cause corrosion over time. When the metal does not interact with the gasses in the environment, it stays in better condition. Without taking some action to prevent corrosion, the process is unfortunately inevitable. This is especially true for outdoor fixtures, which are exposed to more air, humidity, and sunlight. If you have questions about preserving the assets in your facilities, our contractors are happy to answer them.

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What To Expect During the Tank Painting Process

If you’ve worked in any industry for long, you’ve probably experienced painting companies who do as little as possible for as much money as they can get away with charging. This is not an honest or effective approach. Our tank painting contractors in Pennsylvania prioritize exemplary customer service, honesty, and a strong work ethic. We want the maximum benefit for you at the most affordable possible price, so our complete and tested painting procedure includes several steps:

  • Surface preparation: We want our durable finish to last for as many years as possible, which means we make sure your tank’s surface is prepared correctly. First, we clean it using eco-friendly chemicals, water-blasting at 3,500-25,000 psi, sanding disks, roto-peening or needle guns depending on the specifics of the job. We also remove dirt, loose paint, rust, atmospheric contaminants, manufacturing imperfections, and graffiti if needed.
  • Manufacturer specification check: If you’ve requested an external painting, we check to make sure the surface and air temperature, humidity and wind conditions, and other outside elements won’t hinder the process of the coating application. When nothing interferes, the paint job goes on smooth, looks polished, and adheres properly to the surface of the tank.
  • Painting: Our painters are certified, insured, and highly trained. Alpine contractors use only top-notch equipment that undergoes maintenance on a regular basis. You can rest assured that our paint jobs will come out perfect each time.

Our Tank Painting Safety Standards

No matter what service you need, we prioritize both safety and efficiency so that even more challenging painting jobs are no problem for our experienced contractors. Our team is extensively trained to take the right safety precautions, including the proper usage of scaffolding, specialty coatings, and personal safety equipment for each worker. In the event that your tank is elevated, we have the proper equipment and training to do the job correctly. Our job sites are always OSHA compliant and as longtime members of ISNETWORLD, we adhere to the highest industry safety standards for every client’s jobsite.

A Skilled Tank Painting Contractor in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

Quality Water, Sewer and Industrial Tank Painting Contractor

Unlike so many other tri-state area painting companies, we’ve served throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania since 1990. This has given us the expertise to do the job quickly and correctly every time. Our team is continuously trained to stay up to speed with new industry techniques and information. We even provide 5, 10, or 15-year warranties on almost every per annum project we complete so you can be certain you are receiving quality work.

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For decades, our workforce has adhered to the maximum safety standards for corrosive manufacturing environments while progressively honing our craft to produce stunning results for our clients. We are active members of ISNetworld, the leading safety information management platform for contractors around the world.

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