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Need to hire water blasting contractors in the Philadelphia area? Here at Alpine Painting & Restoration we offer professional water blasting to nearby businesses in need of intense cleaning or surface preparation. Hydro blasting is a popular non-abrasive industrial cleaning option for surfaces and materials that would be damaged from harsher cleaning methods.

High-pressure water blasting removes grease, dirt, paint, sludge, and grime – all without damaging the building or surface being cleaned. It’s a cleaning process that’s as popular as it is powerful, and because it doesn’t require harsh detergents it’s environmentally friendly.

Along with being non-abrasive, water blasting has several benefits. Because it’s so powerful it generally only requires a single operator per project. The water pressure used in hydro blasting is used with so much force it actually requires less water than other cleaning options. Water blasting can be performed quickly – and with no cleanup afterward – which means less downtime for the business being cleaned. All of these benefits make water blasting an attractive option for industrial facility owners.

What is High-Pressure Water Blasting?

Water blasting is an industrial cleaning process that uses a stream of highly-pressurized water to clean buildings, vehicles, surfaces, and machinery. Water blasting can be used to remove paint, dirt, rust, and other types of debris. In situations where simply cleaning with water won’t be sufficient, we can also apply eco-friendly detergent to the surface prior to hydro blasting. Due to water blasting’s popularity it’s replaced many other more abrasive power cleaning techniques over the years.

If you’ve ever seen videos of someone power-washing grime off of a sidewalk or wall then you already have a pretty good idea of how water blasting works. It’s a powerful spray of water that removes debris from a surface. The key difference is just how much more powerful water blasting is. Power-washing uses around 1,200 PSI (pound-force per square inch) where water blasting uses anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 PSI. That’s a jet of water powerful enough to tear through concrete!

Why Should You Consider Water Blasting for Your Business?

  • Effectiveness – Where other cleaning methods fail, ultra-high pressure water blasting succeeds. Easily remove years of dirt accumulation, grime, rust, and stains quickly with hydro blasting.
  • Ecofriendly -. Water blasting is eco-friendly because it only uses one ingredient: water. That means there’s no adverse effects on the nearby environment, employees, or lingering smells that come with other industrial cleaning methods.
  • Non-Abrasive – Unlike sandblasting, water blasting is non-abrasive and won’t scratch the surfaces being cleaned or destroy their finish.
  • Chemical-Free – Hydro blasting doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or detergents, so there’s no residue to clean up or remove afterward. After the water has dried, your facility will be ready to use, with minimal interruption.
  • Hygienic – Ultra high pressure water cleaning removes rust, dirt, mold, and even contaminants that you can’t see. By sanitizing the surfaces of your facility, hydro blasting eliminates bacteria and viruses that could potentially spread to your staff. 
  • Asset Preservation – Hydro blasting can help your business save money. High pressure water blasting protects and preserves your investment by removing dirt and rust from equipment and buildings. Using water blasting to clean them doesn’t just make them look nicer, it also helps them last longer.
  • Safety – Having a business that’s clear of oil and grease increases employee safety. This reduces the chance of accidents and of the owner’s liability. Because water blasting can remove stubborn layers of grease and oil, it makes your facility a safer place to work.
  • Versatility – You can use hydro blasting to clean virtually anything. The powerful spray will remove adhesives, multiple layers of old paint, dried mud, rust, grease, and much more. Other types of cleaning can fall short, but water blasting gets the job done.

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While hydro-blasting is effective on many surfaces and with many types of contaminants, some things may be resistant to it. This is why Alpine Painting & Restoration offers a wide variety of industrial cleaning techniques for our Philadelphia customers. In the event that you are dealing with something that is resistant to even a powerful stream of water, our team will recommend and perform an alternative cleaning process. Get in touch with our water blasting company in Pennsylvania if you have any questions.

Our Water Blasting Safety Standards

Due to the extreme pressures involved with water blasting it can be dangerous to use. Operators need special training and certification to run a water blasting unit, along with wearing proper equipment to avoid injury in the event that they are hit with water from the high pressure sprayer. We take special care to avoid injury to our contractors or any of our clients’ employees. We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards and ensure that all of our worksites are 100% OSHA-compliant. We’ve been proud members of ISNETWORLD since 2008, which requires any contractors we hire to have a verified safety record and history of OSHA compliance.


Water Blasting Frequently Asked Questions

How Effective is Hydro Blasting?

Hydro blasting is effective because it removes caked on grime, dirt, paint, and rust – without damaging the structure or machinery underneath.

Is Hydro Blasting Dangerous?

YES, because a high pressure blast of water can cut through metal and concrete, it has the potential to do extreme damage to the human body. Proper training, precautions, and personal protective gear are essential for avoiding injury while water blasting.

What Types of Surfaces Can be Hydro Blasted?

Hydro blasting can be used to clean interiors and exteriors of buildings. This includes surfaces like brick, cement, wood, stone, and steel.

Is Water Blasting Better than Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is abrasive to surfaces and machinery, and it can leave contaminants behind that are harmful to workers and the environment. Water blasting performs the same functions as sandblasting without any of these drawbacks. Also, water blasting takes less time to complete than sandblasting.


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