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Water Blasting Contractors in Pennsylvania

Water Blasting & Cleaning

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Water Blasting Company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware

Water Blasting Contractors in Pennsylvania

Are you or your employees spending too much time trying to clean your facility? Is the outside of your building looking dingy or discolored? Is grime building up on your surfaces, but typical cleaning tools won’t get it off? These are all signs you can benefit from water blasting your facilities. Whether you are in an industrial or commercial setting, a thorough cleaning job can restore and refresh your environment. If you are looking to hire water blasting contractors in Pennsylvania, Alpine Painting & Restoration can do the job.

At Alpine, our top priority is meeting our clients’ unique needs. We serve many industries and specialize in asset preservation in corrosive manufacturing environments. Our certified contractors can work after hours or on weekends to make sure your daily workflow is not interrupted. We’ve exceeded expectations, helped our clients streamline daily operations during the project, and ensured OSHA-compliant job sites each time. This means you can get your facilities in top shape without risking a dip in your organization’s productivity and performance.

What is water blasting?

Water blasting is a cleaning technique that uses high water pressure to blast away dirt, grease, mildew, food particles, stains, and any other debris from indoor and outdoor surfaces. If necessary, we will introduce environmentally-safe chemical cleaners. Water blasting machines typically use more than 10,000 psi of pressure and can be adjusted based on the delicacy of the object that is being cleaned. Another name for water blasting is hydro-blasting, and this cleaning technique has replaced many more abrasive and less effective techniques over the years.

Why consider water blasting and cleaning?

  • You can remove long-standing stains, dirt, and grime to restore your facility.
  • Water blasting is eco-friendly and non-toxic. One of the main reasons water blasting has become so popular is that it’s harmless to people, animals, and the environment around your property. As long as a professional is handling the equipment, there is no risk involved.
  • Water blasting is less abrasive than sand blasting. While sand blasting may be effective, it is more harsh on surfaces. Water blasting won’t scratch surfaces or destroy their finish.
  • No chemical residue is left behind after the cleaning process. Unlike many traditional cleaning methods, water blasting leaves no chemical odor and no film over anything that was cleaned. Your workforce won’t be bothered by smells and your building will be ready to use again quickly.
  • Proper sanitation and hygiene prevent bacteria & viruses from spreading. Spraying surfaces down with clean, high pressure water makes it much harder for dangerous contaminants to stick around and continue to grow. This will offer both you and your team peace of mind knowing that you are safe in your work environment.
  • Deep cleaning helps you preserve assets and prevent corrosion. This is especially important in industrial settings that have aging equipment and surfaces. At Alpine, we are experts in asset preservation in corrosive manufacturing environments. Not only can our cleaning procedures remove things like rust, we also have a variety of specialty coatings that can be applied to prevent corrosion altogether. Whether corrosion is already underway or you are trying to prevent it, our application procedures can help you prevent degradation and restore the health of your building.
  • A clean facility lowers the chances of an accident and reduces liability. As your facility falls into disrepair, things become dirty, disorganized, and chaotic. While it may not be the first thing on your mind during the workday, that doesn’t mean it won’t boost the chances of an accident occurring.
  • Water blasting is versatile because it allows you to clean a variety of different elements. For example, a low pressure spray will allow contractors to clean dust and cobwebs, while a high pressure spray can remove adhesive, layers of old paint, or caked mud around the outside of your building.

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While hydro-blasting is effective on many surfaces and with many types of contaminants, some things may be resistant to it. Similarly, there may be certain things that you don’t want getting wet and holding moisture. This is why Alpine Painting & Restoration offers a wide variety of industrial cleaning techniques for different situations. In the event that you are dealing with something that is resistant to even a powerful stream of water, our team will recommend and perform an alternative cleaning process. Get in touch with our water blasting company in Pennsylvania if you have any questions.

Our Water Blasting Safety Standards

Water blasting is generally a safe procedure, but when done by someone inexperienced, injuries can occur. During an industrial or commercial cleaning process, the safety of our workers and our clients’ workers matters more than anything else. Prior to the execution of any project, we take the proper precautions and always make sure our worksites are 100% OSHA-compliant. Alpine Painting and Restoration is proud to be a member of ISNETWORLD since 2008. A member of ISNETWORLD must conform to the highest standards of safety, conduct, and performance. For more information on the safety guidelines we follow, visit our online safety guide.

The #1 Water Blasting Contractor serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

Have questions about water blasting? Our team can answer them. For water blasting and cleaning services as well as commercial painting, industrial cleaning, and epoxy flooring needs in PA, NJ and the surrounding areas, call us at Alpine Painting and Restoration. Our name has been trusted in the tri-state area for painting, cleaning, and flooring for decades. With our dedication to excellent customer service, we’ll make sure your building is clean, safe, and restored to the best possible conditions in no time.

To schedule your water blasting appointment or to help us generate a free estimate for your service, give us a call or contact us online today. We will respond to your request within 48 hours with a timely quote for your project needs.

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For decades, our workforce has adhered to the maximum safety standards for corrosive manufacturing environments while progressively honing our craft to produce stunning results for our clients. We are active members of ISNetworld, the leading safety information management platform for contractors around the world.

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