Top Questions to Ask Your Asset Preservation Specialist 

Asset Preservation Specialists in Philadelphia 

The longevity and safety of your industrial assets are paramount. Alpine Painting & Restoration, as a leading industrial coatings contractor and asset preservation company, emphasizes the importance of thorough due diligence when selecting an asset preservation specialist. To assist you in this crucial process, we’ve compiled a list of top questions you should ask your potential asset preservation company. 

1. What Experience Do You Have with Similar Industrial Facilities?

It’s vital to understand the specialist’s experience with facilities similar to yours. Ask for examples or case studies of their work in similar industrial environments. This information will provide insight into their expertise and ability to handle the specific challenges your facility may present.

2. Can You Provide References from Previous Clients?

References from past clients can offer valuable information about the quality of work and reliability of the service provider. Don’t hesitate to ask for and follow up with these references to get a real sense of the company’s reputation and work ethic.

3. What Types of Coatings and Materials Do You Use?

The quality and suitability of materials used for asset preservation are critical. Inquire about the types of coatings and materials they recommend and why. Ensure that they are using high-quality, durable products suitable for the specific conditions of your facility.

4. How Do You Ensure Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations?

Compliance with industry standards and regulations is non-negotiable. Ask how they stay updated with current regulations and what steps they take to ensure compliance in all their projects.

5. What Safety Protocols Do You Follow During Projects?

Safety is a top priority in industrial environments. Question the specialist about their safety protocols and how they manage risks during projects. This includes worker safety, as well as the safety of your facility and assets.

6. How Do You Approach Project Management and Communication?

Understanding their approach to project management and communication will give you an idea of how they will handle your project. Ask about their process for keeping clients informed and how they manage timelines and budgets.

7. Can You Handle Environmental and Weather-Related Challenges Specific to My Location?

Industrial facilities often face unique environmental and weather-related challenges. Discuss how they plan to address these specific conditions, including humidity, temperature extremes, and exposure to chemicals or corrosive elements. 

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Selecting the right asset preservation specialist is crucial for the longevity, safety, and efficiency of your industrial facility. By asking these questions, you can ensure a thorough vetting process, leading to a partnership that aligns with your facility’s specific needs. Alpine Painting & Restoration stands ready to answer all these questions and more – contact us today to get started!

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