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Whether you’re a food & beverage manufacturer, power plant, retail outlet or university, an organization only remains effective if its facilities are in order. Over time, walls, floors, machinery, and other critical assets erode and break down without proper maintenance. This is why proactive preservation is key to the longevity of any building. Alpine Painting & Restoration offers asset preservation & building restoration services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware. We’ve been in business for more than 3 decades providing commercial painting, corrosion protection, and many other forms of asset preservation so your facilities stay functional & spotless.

Commercial Painting

Level up your business and impress customers with a fresh coat of high quality paint.

Nothing makes a building look newer than a bright and professional paint job. Whether your business has a poor paint job, chipping paint, or a color that is no longer appropriate, Alpine can help. We offer both exterior and interior painting on a schedule that minimizes disruption to your business operations.

Industrial Painting

Restore old or chipped paint and make your facility surfaces attractive and functional.

Industrial painting often requires processes that differ from conventional painting procedures. Our certified and insured team thoroughly cleans and prepares industrial surfaces for painting so you don’t have to. If your exterior needs paint, Alpine makes sure the conditions for applying coatings are in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, such as requirements for air temperature, surface temperature, humidity and wind conditions.


Epoxy Flooring

Seal up cracks and prevent accidents with polished epoxy floors that shine.

The chemical compound epoxy creates is extremely durable, impact-resistant, chemical resistant, heat-resistant and crack resistant – not to mention easy to clean. No matter what type of flooring you have, an epoxy flooring contractor will remove it and replace it with a sleek alternative. Our floors prevent corrosion and are laid according to your unique needs (eg. thin-mil, medium mil, self-leveling, etc).

Great for manufacturing plants, garages, warehouses, retail stores, and more.


Touch up worn signage or create a new look on the exterior of your building.

Whether you are opening a new location, rebranding, or simply reinvigorating the front of your building, signage makes all the difference in how your brand is perceived. Rather than leaving your visibility and reputation to chance, make a clear and bold statement with professional signage you can be proud of.

Great for new businesses, rebranding businesses, or any organization that needs an exterior refresh.

Electrostatic Painting

Restore metal surfaces using an electric charge that instantly bonds paint to a surface.

Metal surfaces are prone to rust, scratches, and chipped paint. Over time, these blemishes downgrade the look of your facility and detract from cleanliness. Electrostatic painting allows you to repaint old metal surfaces to look like new again for a fraction of the price of replacing them. As a member of ISNETWORLD, Alpine ensures its electrostatic painting contractors adhere to the highest industry safety standards when employing specialized techniques.

Great for bathroom stalls, lockers, window frames or other metal surfaces that look rusted or worn-out.

Warehouse Painting

Refresh the appearance of your warehouse with bright and clean paint.

When paint is chipping or peeling, it doesn’t just bring down the morale of your employees. It can also be a safety hazard, especially in food and beverage environments. Painting your warehouse protects the structure of the building and creates a strong first impression to visitors, partners, and vendors. In addition, fresh paint reduces the impact of moisture, high temperatures, and other environmental factors that age your building. Alpine offers warehouse painting as part of its asset preservation & building restoration services in Pennsylvania.


Industrial Cleaning

Get your facilities looking beautiful and new again.

Industrial environments are hard to keep clean without the right tools and equipment. Especially when machinery is present, dirt, grease, and other contaminants can collect quickly. Hiring an industrial cleaning contractor will ensure the safety of your employees and clients while preventing equipment damage. It will also free your employees to do their jobs rather than spending time trying to clean their work environment.

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Cryogenic Ice Blasting

Instantaneously remove dirt and debris with the power of dry ice.

Cryogenic cleaning uses Co2 to eliminate dirt and residue from any surface, along with bacteria, mold, and hazardous chemicals. Depending on the surface that needs cleaning, our contractors will carefully measure the amount of pressure and size of pellets to use for the procedure. There is no risk of abrasion or corrosion and no toxic chemicals used in ice blasting.

Great for industrial, medical, and food processing facilities, commercial properties, and more.


Masonry Restoration

Revitalize brick walls and floors to reduce weather damage and preserve longevity.

The presence of masonry can make or break the appearance of your property. It all depends on how well it is maintained (whether there are cracks, stains, mildew, or moss present). Alpine provides cleaning, waterproofing, caulking and sealing to revitalize even the oldest brickwork. Our masonry restoration contractors will help you protect exterior brick or stone from harsh weather and drastically slow any deterioration that is occurring.

Tank Painting

Keep tanks reliable and prevent the spread of contaminants and rust.

Aside from upgrading the appearance of your property, tank painting protects the surface and inhibits stains and bacterial growth. Tank painting is a multi-step process unlike conventional painting. At Alpine, we use specialty coatings that protect against corrosion and uphold the structural integrity of tanks.

Great for water tanks, chemical tanks, propane tanks, sewage tanks, and more.

Specialty Coatings

Keep your equipment functioning with special coatings that can withstand heavy use.

Different surfaces require different types of paint, but this isn’t something you have to worry about when you work with experienced coating contractors. Our team is extensively trained in identifying and applying the proper coatings for specific industrial surfaces so you can keep things operating safely. Alpine offers specialty coatings as part of its asset preservation & building restoration services in Pennsylvania.

Water Blasting & Cleaning

Employ a chemical-free cleaning strategy to restore your facility’s hygiene.

Water blasting or hydroblasting is a high pressure cleaning technique used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It removes grime, mud, mold, and loose paint from surfaces and requires no chemicals making it completely non-toxic. Alpine offers water blasting as one of its many commercial restoration services.


Eliminate fire hazards with our progressive safety and fireproofing procedures.

Fireproofing is critical in any facility, but especially one with many flammable materials. Alpine performs intumescent fireproofing, a procedure that involves coating surfaces to reduce the likelihood of a fire. When exposed to extreme heat, intumescent paint expands, thus losing density and becoming an insulator that resists fire damage. This type of paint is unique in its chemical makeup and thus far surpasses conventional paint in its fireproofing capacity.


Protect your building from water damage with our waterproofing procedures.

Having a waterproofed facility can save you from huge expenses and operational headaches down the road. Alpine uses high-grade waterproofing applications to raise the durability of surfaces and preserve them over time. Though there are many methods for water-proofing a building, our contractors are continuously trained in the most effective and cutting-edge techniques to ensure the best possible outcome.


Floor Resurfacing

Replace the top layer of your floors to erase stains, scratches, and unevenness.

Cracks, holes, or uneven flooring can lead to accidents, injuries, spills, and other mishaps that interrupt productivity and increase liability. Poorly maintained floors are also harder to clean, which can slow down productivity even further. As a floor resurfacing contractor, we will get the job done quickly and in accordance with OSHA standards.

Corrosion Control

Prevent rust and equipment degradation with sophisticated corrosion control techniques.

Rust is the enemy of any industrial facility, and it’s not only because it is ugly. Rust can cause premature equipment breakdown weakening metals and even causing machinery to stick together. Furthermore, rust puts you and your employees at risk of tetanus infection in the event that someone gets injured at work. At Alpine, we have perfected various strategies for preventing or slowing down the natural process of corrosion.


Asset Preservation in Corrosive Manufacturing Environments

Ensure the long-term health and functionality of your facilities with state-of-the-art technologies.

If you want your operations running smoothly well into the future, it’s important to prioritize asset preservation now. To keep facilities clean, safe, and well-functioning, Alpine zeros in on each client’s unique needs. Having served a wide variety of industries, our team is equipped to provide specialized services to warehouses, power plants, restaurants, schools, and more. No job is too big or too complex for our painting and restoration contractors.

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