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Industrial Painting Services

When you’re looking for someone to complete painting services for your industrial or commercial business, it can be a stressful time. Your equipment is expensive and the way it looks and functions directly affects your profitability.

At Alpine Painting and Restoration, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a chemical plant painter, cleanroom painter or something else in the tri-state area, we’ll make sure you get safe, high-quality services that increase the functional lifetime of your foundation structure, building, process areas and more.

During our painting process, we start by preparing the surface of any room or equipment being serviced. We clean with eco-friendly chemicals, water blasting and the removal of rust, graffiti, atmospheric imperfections, manufacturing contaminants, loose paint and dirt. We also use needle guns, sanding disks and roto-peening tools when necessary.

We make sure conditions are ideal to the manufacturer’s coating standards and then use our cutting-edge equipment to finish the painting job right every time.

When you run an industrial business and need workers like water plant painters, manufacturing painters or any other professional, you can’t be bothered by stretches of functional incapacity — that would mean lost productivity and profits. When you decide to partner with Alpine Painting and Restoration, we’ll work with your unique schedule by offering trained crews on weekends and off-hours.

Industries We Serve:

No industry is off-limits for our services. We have experience offering commercial and industrial painting, epoxy flooring, signage, cryogenic ice blasts, industrial cleaning services, masonry restoration, specialty coatings, corrosion control, spraying applications and more for the following industries:

  • Aviation
    -Private, Corporate, Municipal Markets
  • Chemical Plants
    -Petro Chemical, Acid Generation, Alkalai Manufacturing Specializing in Secondary Containments
  • Cleanrooms
    -Electronics Mfg, Munitions Mfg, Pharmaceutical Mfg
  • Fresh & Waste Water Plants
    -Both Private and Municipal
  • Food & Beverage
    -Cold & Hot Fill Beverage Manufacturing
    -High Heat Consumables: Baked Goods, Breads, Pasta Manufacturing
  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
    -Oil Refining, Steel Mills, Roll Mills
  • Hyper Retail Centers
    -Medium Sized to Mega Centers (strip malls to mega malls)
  • Municipal
    -Preservation of Asset Infrastructure
    -i.e.: swimming pools, parks & recreation, city halls, township buildings
    • New Construction
      -Broad Based Sub Service Ranging From Small Office Fit Outs to Mega Warehousing
    • Pharmaceutical Research & Mfg
      -Versed in all phases of GMPP Criteria
    • Power Generation
      -Fossil Fuel, Hydro, Nuclear, Trash to Steam
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Restaurants and Hospitality
      -Servicing Large Restaurant Chains Ranging From Fast Food to Eat in Family Restaurants
      -Hospitality: Motels, Hotels, Mega Resorts
    • Sport & Entertainment Complexes
    • Warehousing
      -Static Storage, Cold Storage, Climate Controlled

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The Alpine Painting and Restoration Safety Guarantee

We don’t just care about our own safety at Alpine Painting and Restoration. We care about you, your clients and your property. It’s our top priority, which is why we always follow the highest standards of conduct, performance and overall safety. We’re a proud member of ISNETWORLD and have been since 2008, which means it’s not just a goal for us to meet these codes — it’s a requirement. Check out our online safety guide for more information about just how reliable our practices are.

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We’re not new to this business. Since 1990 we’ve been satisfying commercial and industrial customers by providing maximum quality control, accurate coating installation and precise placement throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We’re confident enough to offer warranties with impressive timelines from five to 15 years on 90 percent of our per annum projects. We use ongoing classes and workshops to stay up-to-date on the newest market products, best practices and more.

Contact us for a free quote on your project and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours so you can know quickly what to expect for your upcoming project.

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