Warehouse Cleaning Tips

Despite their best efforts, many owners and operators of warehouses struggle to keep their facilities clean. During the day, everyone’s busy with the business of doing business, and soon things begin to get covered in dust and look disorganized. But there are ways to reduce dust in a warehouse and to generally use a warehouse cleaning procedure that keeps things as much in order as possible. Here’s a look at warehouse cleaning tips you can use to keep your facility in the best possible day-to-day condition.

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Create a Schedule With Goals

Nothing gets done without a schedule. Make sure that there is regularly scheduled time for cleaning, and also create goals around what successful cleaning looks like. In time, this schedule will simply become ingrained into your company’s culture, and keeping a warehouse clean won’t feel like such a burden or chore.

Make Assignments

Just as it’s important to create schedules and goals around warehouse cleaning, you also need to make assignments. If it’s not someone’s specific duty to clean a certain portion of a warehouse, everyone will simply assume it’s going to be done by someone else. So, when you’re wondering how to clean a warehouse, start by creating the schedule and creating the goals, and then take a second step by making specific assignments.

Clean as You Go

You don’t necessarily need a warehouse cleaning procedure that’s put into place once a week or once a month. Instead, you can emphasize cleaning as you go. Again, with the right training and the right commitment, cleaning as you go can become second-nature to your team members in time. When you clean as you go, your warehouse always looks organized, uncluttered and sparkling — and you never have to stop the work at hand to spend an extended amount of time cleaning.

Have the Right Equipment and Supplies

If you’re going to work with team members on how to clean a warehouse, you’re going to need to provide the right supplies and equipment. It’s hard to ask anyone to take on the task of cleaning if they don’t also have the stuff needed to get the job done. Work with procurement to regularly check and refill cleaning supplies, including cleaning solutions, paper towels, mops and other important tools. When you have what’s needed to complete a warehouse cleaning procedure, the procedure itself becomes far easier to execute.

Get Rid of Your Inventory

When you want to reduce dust in a warehouse and generally keep a space as clean as possible, one trick is to turn over inventory as quickly as possible. This isn’t always easy and you may find that you have little control in this realm. But turning over inventory limits the number of boxes that simply sit around and begin to stack and collect dust. In fact, quickly turning over inventory forces team members to do at least a little bit of limited cleaning as they go about their days.

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