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Industrial Painting Services in Pennsylvania

Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting and Restoration Services

Industrial Painting Services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland

Industrial Painting Services in Pennsylvania

No matter what your company produces, it is critically important that you have a clean, fresh facility that highlights the professionalism and productivity of your business. Whether you are looking for a deep clean of your facilities, a new epoxy floor, or industrial painting services in Pennsylvania, contact the team at Alpine Painting and Restoration.

Our team of industrial painters serves Pennsylvania and New Jersey and offers the highest quality service for all your industrial restoration needs. We have distinguished ourselves among industrial paint companies in the tri-state area by offering a complete range of services that add to the longevity and life expectancy of your property and assets.

Why consider painting your industrial facility?

  • Get your building looking bright and clean, both inside and out
  • Improve the atmosphere for customers, staff, vendors, and partners
  • Corrosion-proof your building so everything in it is built to last
  • Clear stains, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from the walls of your building
  • Remove old, chipped, and peeling paint
  • Hire painters for after hours so your productivity isn’t interrupted

While a newer facility may not be showing major signs of deterioration, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action. Industrial environments can degrade more quickly than others, and once the corrosion process has begun, it is more difficult to stop. Machinery and equipment can work less efficiently or even break down as a result of corrosion, lack of service, and poor cleaning practices. In industrial settings, the best course of action is clear: Take proactive steps to prevent problems and save money down the road.

How is industrial painting different from commercial painting?

Industrial painting is different from standard residential and commercial painting for several reasons. Because industrial environments are more harsh (eg. there may be exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, dust, etc.), they require extra care to prevent things like water damage and the corrosion of equipment. For this reason, industrial painting contractors rely on the most up-to-date technology and specialty coatings to help industrial facilities stand the test of time. Waterproofing and fireproofing are also critical in industrial settings as these procedures ensure the longevity and safety of the property. Industrial painting companies extensively train their contractors to understand the different types of industrial coatings and how and when to apply them. You can take advantage of the latest technology and protect your building without having to know anything about specialty coatings.

Commercial painting refers to projects done in locations such as: small businesses, restaurants, offices, retail buildings, and apartment complexes. Unlike simple residential painting projects, commercial paint jobs often require larger teams of highly experienced painters so tasks can be completed quickly and accurately. You may be in a position where both industrial and commercial services fit your needs (eg. you have both a storefront and a manufacturing facility that each have different requirements for upkeep).

Alpine Painting and Restoration provides both commercial and industrial painting services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Our contractors are certified and insured with a wide breadth of knowledge about specialty coatings and industrial preservation procedures. We will help you choose the most durable paint for your particular environment, accounting for various factors like sunlight, humidity, and temperature. If you have questions, our contractors are happy to provide detailed answers.

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Services we provide:

  • Large and small spraying applications of high-performance chemical coatings
  • Technical coating applications
  • Corrosion control
  • Water-blast cleaning 3,000-25,000 psi
  • Heavy industrial floor resurfacing
  • Blast cleaning with environmentally safe media (BlackBeauty™, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, etc.) Alpine Painting and Restoration DOES NOT use silica sand as a blast media

While other industrial painting contractors in the tri-state area may have strict work schedules, Alpine Painting and Restoration recognizes the importance of providing our services at times that are convenient for you. Therefore, we provide crews on off-hours and weekends so our work will not interfere with your normal day-to-day operations.

Our Industrial Painting Process

When you hire Alpine Painting and Restoration as your industrial painting contractors in NJ or PA, you get a complete and tested painting procedure designed to maximize the benefit of our services to you.

It starts with surface preparation. To provide a durable and lasting finish, proper surface preparation is required. This means a complete cleaning of your surface with environmentally safe chemicals, water-blasting at 3500 to 25,000 psi, removal of dirt, atmospheric and manufacturing contaminants, loose paint, rust and graffiti, and the use of sanding discs, needle guns and roto-peening tools as needed.

If we are painting the exterior, we always make sure that the conditions for applying coatings are in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, such as requirements for air temperature, surface temperature, humidity and wind conditions.

Once the preparation is complete, the painting can begin. When you partner with Alpine Painting and Restoration as your industrial painting contractors, you’ll always get highly-trained painters using well-maintained, top-of-the-line equipment to make sure you get a smooth finish every time.

Our Safety Standards

As always, the safety of our workers and our client workers is of paramount importance before the execution of any project. Alpine Painting and Restoration is proud to be a member of ISNETWORLD since 2008. A member of ISNETWORLD must conform to the highest standards of safety, conduct, and performance. For more information on our safety standards visit our online safety guide.

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If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I find an industrial painting company in New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania?” Look no further. Since 1990, Alpine Painting and Restoration has been providing value and quality for our industrial and commercial clients, and we can do the same for you. Just contact us today for a free quote to get started. We will respond to your request within 48 hours and provide you with a timely quote on your project needs. Partner with Alpine to get your building in the best shape possible.

Industrial Contractors Delaware CountyIndustrial Contractors Bucks CountyIndustrial Contractors Montgomery CountyIndustrial Contractors Delaware CountyIndustrial Contractors Bucks CountyIndustrial Contractors Montgomery CountyIndustrial Contractors Delaware County
Industrial Contractors Delaware CountyIndustrial Contractors Bucks CountyIndustrial Contractors Montgomery CountyIndustrial Contractors Delaware CountyIndustrial Contractors Bucks CountyIndustrial Contractors Montgomery CountyIndustrial Contractors Delaware CountyIndustrial Contractors Montgomery CountyIndustrial Contractors Delaware CountyIndustrial Contractors Bucks County

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February 27, 2024

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In the world of asset preservation and industrial coatings, one of the most critical yet often overlooked aspects is waterproofing. At Alpine Painting & Restoration, we understand the importance

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For decades, our workforce has adhered to the maximum safety standards for corrosive manufacturing environments while progressively honing our craft to produce stunning results for our clients. We are active members of ISNetworld, the leading safety information management platform for contractors around the world.

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Industrial Contractors Delaware CountyIndustrial Contractors Delaware County
Industrial Contractors Delaware County
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