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Masonry Restoration Contractor in Pennsylvania

Have you been looking for a masonry restoration contractor in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Building restoration companies that specialize in masonry aren’t always easy to find, but if you have an older building, this effective service can be extremely important for maintaining the integrity of your facilities.

Fortunately, Alpine Painting & Restoration can help. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, we’ve helped countless organizations in different industries restore their building’s charm. While historic masonry can be difficult to maintain on your own, teaming up with experts makes it a breeze.

You may have a genuine masonry structure (in which both the roof and floor is supported by masonry), or you may simply have a masonry veneer (an outer stone or brick layer on your building). In any case, these structures may need cleaning and restoration. Masonry materials include:

  • brick
  • cement
  • stone
  • mortar
  • stucco

Masonry is highly durable compared to some building materials, offering protection from rot, weather damage, natural disasters, and rodents. In addition, it is a wonderful material for fireproofing as it can often resist heat up to 1000 degrees or more. Although less so, even mortar is somewhat fire resistant. Despite these upsides, brick and stone walls are not invincible.

We understand that year after year of harsh weather can wear down even the strongest buildings. Insurance companies pay billions of dollars in water damage claims each year – both to homeowners and commercial and industrial property owners. Our state-of-the-art tools and restoration procedures can reverse this trend, protect your assets from water intrusion, and slow down the deterioration of your masonry exoskeleton.

Our masonry restoration services include:

  • masonry cleaning and waterproofing
  • high-performance caulking and sealing
  • above and below-grade waterproofing
  • historical building cleaning and restoration

A common issue with aging brick is the wearing away of mortar. Once mortar begins to erode, the entire structure of your building becomes compromised. To resolve this, contractors perform a process called repointing in which they carefully repack the mortar. This prevents water damage and fortifies the structure as a whole. It’s even possible to change the color of the mortar that outlines each brick to give your facility a new aesthetic.

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Why hire a masonry restoration contractor in Pennsylvania?

There’s no better feeling than walking up to your property and having it sparkle like new again. But restoration of these materials is all too often a task that gets put on the backburner. You may feel that you don’t want to spend the money, or that your masonry looks good enough for now. The problem is that sometimes damage can be occurring in spots that are difficult to see, or simply areas where you don’t notice erosion taking place.

We at Alpine suggest you don’t let your building go too long without a thorough cleaning or restoration job, depending on its needs. Masonry restoration provides many benefits and will help you accomplish the following things all in one shot:

  • fix cracks and holes
  • improve insulation and temperature regulation
  • repair leaks and eliminate stains
  • protect against mold, moss, fungus, and bacteria
  • protect against flooding and water damage
  • protect the structural integrity of the building
  • increase the value of your property
  • extend the lifespan of your organization

If you’ve never had professional industrial masonry restoration before, you will be amazed at how it transforms and revitalizes the overall look and feel of your building. More importantly, it will preserve the materials and help your building last longer, which is critical if you plan to be in business well into the future. It goes without saying that the better you take care of your building and the assets within it, the longer they will be around.

If you have chipped or cracked brick, crumbling mortar, paint damage, graffiti, mold, or any other issues with your masonry structures, getting in touch with a restoration specialist is a good idea. Letting these issues go typically means they will get worse and may be harder and more expensive to fix down the road. The earlier you fix something, the simpler the process tends to be.

It’s important to note that masonry restoration is more than just basic repairs, which can sometimes be done as an afternoon DIY project if you are handy. Unlike simple repairs, restoration is a more extensive process that aims to get your building as close as possible to its original quality and appearance. This is the key difference between restoration and repairs.

Our Masonry Restoration Safety Standards

No matter what project you choose, we prioritize safety and speed so that even more challenging restoration jobs are no problem for our experienced contractors. Our team is extensively trained to take the right safety precautions, including the proper usage of scaffolding, specialty coatings, and personal safety equipment for each worker. Our job sites are always OSHA compliant and as longtime members of ISNETWORLD, we adhere to the highest industry safety standards on every client’s jobsite.

Skilled Masonry Restoration Contractors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

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If you want to protect your assets for years to come, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1990, we’ve been building a reputation for value, quality, and service that you can rely on. There’s a good reason so many PA and NJ businesses count on us to provide their cleaning, flooring, painting, and masonry restoration services year after year. They know we pride ourselves on diligence and accuracy and that most of our work is backed up by various warranties that can last as long as 15 years.

We want to make your building look great and last with unparalleled masonry restoration work. If you want the same for your assets, just give us a call today or fill out the form for a free estimate or to schedule service. We will respond to your request within 48 hours and provide you with a timely quote for your project needs.

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