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Commercial and Industrial Signage Contractors in Pennsylvania

Driving down the road, it’s easy to notice how locations with high quality signs stand out and appear more professional than those with poorly-constructed signs or no signs at all. Business, schools, manufacturers, and office buildings serve very different functions, but all of them need the same upkeep. A major part of this upkeep is proper signage. It’s the first thing customers, visitors, and employees see upon entering your building. Even as people drive by your location, your signage sets the tone for what they expect from your organization. But in the midst of busy work days, signage is something that often gets forgotten or put on the backburner. If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to erect the proper signage, work with the most reliable commercial and industrial signage contractors in Pennsylvania.

At Alpine Painting and Restoration, our top priority is meeting our clients’ unique needs. We serve many industries and specialize in asset preservation in corrosive manufacturing environments. This means we put special emphasis on durability, and everything we install is built to last for many years. We create and replicate large scale commercial signage to help many types of organizations put their best foot forward. Whether you are looking to place a logo on a large sports complex or place a high-visibility sign along a busy road, Alpine can get the job done on budget and on time.

Why get new signage installed?

  • It upgrades your reputation
  • It helps your building stand out
  • It conveys your brand image
  • It helps visitors find you more easily
  • It beautifies the exterior of your building
  • It increases sales and partnership opportunities
  • It makes a business more attractive to potential employees

Our painting and restoration company serves:

  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Manufacturing and processing plants
  • Utility facilities and fresh and wastewater plants
  • Schools and universities
  • Restaurants, hospitality venues and retail centers
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Municipal buildings

Is installing new signage expensive and time-consuming?

Clients most often wonder if installing new signage is expensive or time-consuming. The time it takes to install your specific signage will depend on the size of the installation and how accessible the location is. Custom signage comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials, from plastic to steel, aluminum, urethane, and more. Signs can be lit or unlit and placed on a variety of different materials like pylon or brick. The type of signage you choose will be based on the amount of space you have, the materials you choose, and the budget you want to work with.

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No matter what you choose, we prioritize safety and speed so that even more challenging installations are no problem for our experienced contractors. Our team is extensively trained to take the right safety precautions, including the proper usage of scaffolding, specialty coatings, and personal safety equipment for each worker. Our job sites are always OSHA compliant and as longtime members of ISNETWORLD, we adhere to the highest industry safety standards for every client’s jobsite.

We’ve installed signs for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Pepsi, Coca Cola, Kraft Foods, and more. Signage can go on top of stadiums so helicopters and airplanes can see them; at the top of your building, silo or tower so people can spot your logo and locate you from miles away; near a highway to get the attention of motorists passing by; or simply on the front of your facility to get traffic in the door. In addition, we use the sturdiest and most durable materials so your signage requires as little upkeep as possible in the long run. Get in touch with us to receive a free price estimate and ask any questions you have about the installation process.

Get New Signage Without Interrupting Your Workday

Many commercial and industrial signage contractors in Pennsylvania have limited scheduling options and a 9-5 workforce. This means that you may be forced to interrupt your daily routine and standard operations to get new signage installed. Especially in busy and crowded environments, this creates extra traffic and a higher potential for accidents and liability issues. This is why so many companies put off making upgrades to their buildings. But over time, this causes your facility to degrade and appear as though it is neglected.

At Alpine, we operate differently from many other restoration companies in that we are adaptable and flexible. Rather than having strict windows of time that our clients can work with us, we shape our schedule to match what works for you. We have teams available for evening and weekend labor so you can get new signage installed without any major interruptions to your normal operations. This creates a win-win where you can upgrade your facilities and keep things running smoothly at the same time.

The #1 Commercial and Industrial Signage Contractors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

Alpine Painting & Restoration Services

The exterior of your building and the quality of its signage sends a message to anyone entering the premises. Outdated, dirty, or non-existent signage sends the message that your facilities are not being cared for. And in the worst case scenario, it can even send a message that your organization isn’t trustworthy and professional.

Updating your signage doesn’t need to be an expensive or time-consuming process. Our team can answer any questions you may have about the procedure involved and walk you through every step of the process. If you are seeking the most reliable commercial and industrial signage contractors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware, we’re here to help. Alpine Painting & Restoration has been in business for more than 30 years serving both commercial and industrial clients in the tristate area.

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Looking for something else? We do a lot more than just signage. Water blasting, graffiti control, electrostatic painting, cryogenic ice blasting and other methods of keeping your property clean are all within our wheelhouse.

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