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Cryogenic Ice Blasting Contractors in Pennsylvania

Cryogenic Ice Blasting

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Cryogenic Ice Blasting Company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware

Cryogenic Ice Blasting Contractor in Pennsylvania (Co2 Blasting)

There are some situations where standard cleaning procedures simply will not do the trick. This is especially true in certain industries that use delicate or potentially hazardous materials, like the power generation and petrochemical industries. These and other situations may require a unique but highly-effective and safe cleaning process. If you’re seeking cryogenic ice blasting contractors in Pennsylvania, Alpine Painting and Restoration is here to help.

We offer dry ice blast cleaning, also known as cryogenic cleaning. Cryogenic blasting is an eco-friendly cleaning method that is non-toxic and non-abrasive. It’s great for removing contaminants from wood, as it does not leave behind any moisture or residue. Dry ice blasting services are also great for cleaning metal, marble, stone, or granite surfaces. This process does not damage electrical or mechanical components and can be done right in your facility – no mess and no interruption to your daily operations.

As experienced cryogenic ice blasting contractors in Pennsylvania, our company has been serving the tri-state area for more than 30 years. Our trained, certified, and insured team will come in and carefully spray the surfaces that require cleaning with high-speed CO2 pellets. These pellets are colder than 100 degrees below Fahrenheit and instantly sublimate upon hitting the surface, causing the material to shrink under the cold, which in turn loosens any contaminants to blast them away.

We use equipment that generates pressure from 45-300 PSI with pellet sizes from 3 mm to 9 mm in diameter and can adjust settings depending upon the delicacy or toughness of the surface we are cleaning. This allows us to clean everything from delicate electrical components to solid granite slabs with this process.

Some of the many surfaces and items we have cleaned with ice blasting include:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Boiler tubes
  • Motors
  • Graffiti-covered walls

Cryogenic blasting is a great way to make surfaces and components in your facility that have become encrusted with contaminants look new again.

Why consider cryogenic ice blasting or Co2 blasting?

Ice blasting is a cleaning modality that offers multifaced benefits to companies in nearly every industry.

  • It does heavy duty cleaning without leaving moisture behind. Unlike hydro-blasting and most traditional cleaning methods, ice blasting involves no water or moisture. This makes it ideal for indoor environments that must stay dry, making it easy to avoid water damage to any vital equipment. Similarly, ice blasting is considered less abrasive on surfaces than sand blasting.
  • It is fast and requires nothing to be transported out of your facility. It would be a nightmare to have to transport every large piece of machinery or fixture that needed cleaning. Ice blasting can typically be performed in the same environment.
  • Machinery doesn’t need to be taken apart to be thoroughly cleaned. Because contractors can change the pressure they apply to each surface, there is no need to separate or move fixtures in order to protect them from damage.

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  • It is safe to be used in the food industry, making it easier to pass inspections and meet quality assurance standards. Ice blasting can remove food particles, grease, and other types of build-up on food manufacturing equipment.
  • It prevents rust from developing, along with bacteria such as listeria. At less than -100 degrees, dry ice obliterates germs. Rather than turning to water as it melts, dry ice changes into its gaseous form, which is safe to breathe in. This makes clean-up even easier too.
  • It is environmentally responsible, chemical-free, and creates less waste. One of the biggest reasons companies love ice-blasting is that it is completely non-toxic and safe to come in contact with. There’s no need to avoid the area or let it air out after cleaning. Ice blasting is approved by the FDA, EPA, and USDA as safe and eco-friendly.
  • Along with removing dirt and stains, ice blasting can remove unwanted paint or rust without permanently scratching or denting surfaces. Once the ice blasting is complete, contractors will simply clean up the dirt and debris that was loosened during the procedure.
  • Another fascinating property of ice blasting is its capacity to eliminate odors. This cleaning modality is commonly used to reduce the odor of smoke after fire damage has occurred.

With so many ways to benefit, trying out this cleaning technique is a no-brainer. There is no risk to you, your team, or your facility’s productivity during the busy work week. Talk with a cryogenic ice blasting contractor in Pennsylvania to share your specific needs. At Alpine, we work around our client’s schedule to maximize convenience.

Our Cryogenic Ice Blasting Safety Standards

During the cryogenic ice blasting process, the safety of our workers and our clients’ workers matters more than anything else. Prior to the execution of any project, we take the proper precautions and always make sure our worksites are 100% OSHA-compliant. Alpine Painting and Restoration is proud to be a member of ISNETWORLD since 2008. A member of ISNETWORLD must conform to the highest standards of safety, conduct, and performance. For more information on the safety guidelines we follow, visit our online safety guide.

The #1 Cryogenic Ice Blasting Contractors serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

Have questions about cryogenic ice blasting? We’re here to answer them. For dry ice cleaning services as well industrial cleaning, commercial painting, and epoxy flooring needs in PA, NJ and the surrounding areas, call us at Alpine Painting and Restoration. We have been a trusted name in the tri-state area in cleaning, painting, and flooring for decades. With our commitment to value and customer service, we’ll make sure your building is restored to the best possible conditions.

To schedule your dry ice blasting appointment or to help us generate a free estimate for your service, give us a call or contact us online today. We will respond to your request within 48 hours with a timely quote for your project needs.

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